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Sinob hopes to help alleviate PMS symptoms in its next new product

sinob fortify female

This coming Sunday, the German supplement company Sinob, which stands for “Sh*t Is Not Our Business”, is coming out with a type of product you wouldn’t typically see from the brand. The latest creation from Sinob is “Fortify Female”, a supplement formulated specifically for females to help balance hormone levels and alleviate symptoms of PMS.

Sinob’s Fortify Female is a type of product we’ve seen a few other popular brands attempt recently, including Azoth with Boss Flow and Core Nutritionals with its premium supplement Core Poise. We have yet to see the entire formula behind Fortify Female, although the brand has named its main highlights as iron, Quatrefolic branded folic acid, zinc, carnitine, rhodiola, and DIM.

We imagine there are a few other ingredients in Sinob’s women’s product, but those listed appear to be its primary features. Altogether, as mentioned, it aims to help with the balancing of hormone levels and the common symptoms that come with PMS. Once again, the supplement is launching directly through Sinob’s website this coming Sunday local time.

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