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Olimp keeps the releases coming with another two flavors of ISO Plus

olimp cola iso plus

These past few weeks, Olimp has been revealing and releasing several products, most of them flavor extensions of current supplements, although there was the all-new Amino EAA Xplode beverage. This weekend that continues, with news coming in of another two options, both for the same product in the Polish brand’s isotonic performance formula ISO Plus.

Olimp’s ISO Plus is a fairly traditional sports nutrition supplement, aiming to support performance and endurance with a blend of carbohydrates, vitamins, minerals, and light dosages of carnitine and glutamine. The powder product currently comes in Lemon, Orange, and Tropic Blue flavors, which have just been joined by the more unique tastes, Cola and Ice Tea.

Olimp’s new Cola and Ice Tea ISO Plus flavors are intended to go nicely with the sunny summer season, which is only a couple of weeks away in its home country of Poland. Both options have only been pictured in the smaller tub size of ISO Plus packing 40 servings, not the larger bag with more than double at 86 servings.

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