Pump-enhancing pre-workout EVP-3D moves to six flavors with Sour Candy

Jul 10th, 2021
evogen sour candy evp 3d

Evogen has already been featured several times this week here at Stack3d regarding a bunch of new releases, including Amino KEM tablets, the cleanse formula Light & Tight, and the reloaded Cell KEM PR. Today we’re rounding out the week of Evogen excitement with news of another recent launch from the brand, although this time it’s a flavor for an already available supplement, not something completely new.

The Evogen product now with six flavors on its menu is the stimulant-free, pump-enhancing pre-workout EVP-3D, packed with a good dose of pure citrulline at 6g, 2g of NO3-T arginine nitrate, and a handful of ingredients to support mental focus. The new flavor fans have to choose from for the supplement is a candy-themed Sour Candy, which you can pick up today from the brand’s website at $49.95 a tub.

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