Got7 continues its run of releases with premium high-protein burger buns

Jul 29th, 2021
got7 nutrition protein burger buns

German functional brand Got7 Nutrition has been absolutely relentless these past few months, revealing and releasing many different products, and they’ve all been at that Got7 standard. The brand has been filling out headlines with creative and different snacks and treats, including Protein Sausages, Good Morning Topping, and most recently, Squeeze Sirup.

Got7 Nutrition is still showing no signs of slowing down and has introduced another new intriguing and functional product this week with Premium Protein Burger Buns. They are simply buns for fans to create their own burgers with, but of course, with a protein twist. Each bun weighs in at 90g, and while it is high in carbohydrates like most buns at 37.8g, it’s also high in protein at 13.5g with 3.7g of fat and 246 calories.

The Premium Protein Burger Buns are essentially another way Got7 Nutrition has worked its way into mainstream food and give fans the ability to seamlessly get more protein into their daily diet. The product is rolling out to stores and stockists in Europe over the next couple of weeks and will be available for purchase in packets of two high-protein buns.