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Neuratech unveils its stress and relaxation supplement and opens pre-ordering

neuratech calm

Australian brand Neuratech, which we first posted about at the end of 2019, has introduced the third and final supplement out of the three it previewed in that original post. The supplement is called “Calm”, a stress and relaxation product packed full of nootropic and brain health ingredients, similar to its other supplements, Enhance and Boost.

You can see the facts panel for Neuratech’s Calm directly below, with its complete combination of ingredients to support stress and relaxation, and, true to its name, calm neurotransmitters. The list includes half a gram each of ashwagandha and tryptophan, 800mg of GABA, 200mg each of chamomile and reishi, and a full 50mg of AstraGin to improve absorption.

neuratech calm

Another prominent feature of Neuratech’s Calm is its inclusion of high-quality MCTs with 4.5g of goMCT per serving to further help with brain function and natural energy. Relaxation supplements have become more and more common over the past few years, although not all of them are well-put-together, so it’s great to see a newcomer like Neuratech bring a strong competitor to the growing category.

Calm is not yet available from Neuratech; however, it is taking pre-orders for the product through its website, and shipping on those pre-orders is not far away, with the brand shooting for August. You can secure yourself a 20 serving tub of Calm in its one Rich Chocolate flavor at $59.99 (44.83 USD), and you can use the coupon “CALMPRE20” for 20% discount.