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Redcon1’s long-awaited nut butter bar arrives with 20g of protein and 300 calories

redcon1 bar

Redcon1’s long-awaited and highly-anticipated Redcon1 Bar has arrived and is now finally available directly from the brand’s online store in a triple pack and a full-size box. The high-protein snack will cost you $10.50 or $3.50 each when grabbing the triple pack, while the box of 12 is $34.99, which is $2.91 each, with Peanut Butter Cup and Cookies ‘N Cream flavors available for either option.

As for more details on the Redcon1 Bar, as mentioned, it is a high-protein snack, packing a solid 20g of protein, a relatively high 30 to 33g of carbohydrates, 18 to 19g of that sugar, 13 to 16g of fat, and 300 to 310 calories. The product is much more calorie-dense than similar snacks like the Outright Protein Bar and the unforgettably delicious Authentic Bar, although it does have a higher amount of protein than either of those.

redcon1 bar

The formula of the Redcon1 Bar is, once again, similar to the Outright Protein Bar, Authentic Bar, and many other real food-type bars, with its main ingredients being peanut butter, whey isolate, honey, IMO, and dextrose. The build of the product starts with a smooth center with tasty bits and pieces, all wrapped in a delicious chocolate coating, which is not the case in many of its competitors.

Redcon1 has been making big promises for its long-awaited Redcon1 Bar, which we’ve already headed to its website and purchased at two triple packs of each flavor; Peanut Butter Cup and Cookies ‘N Cream. We’re very interested to see how this one turns out, especially since the last couple of peanut butter-based protein bars we had left quite the impression in the Obvi Bar and Authentic Bar.