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HighKey fills its new keto-friendly Soft Baked Mini Bites with rainbow sprinkles

highkey soft baked mini bites

Creative functional brand HighKey has a fresh new product this week, and it is something entirely new, not a flavor extension of a previous release, which is what we typically see from the company. HighKey’s latest effort is Soft Baked Mini Bites, not to be confused with its popular and long-running Mini Cookies, already available in over ten different flavors.

HighKey’s Soft Baked Mini Bites have 21 bite-sized pieces per bag, with a three-bite serving packing 4g of protein, 9g of fat, 12g of carbohydrates with only 2g of that net carbs, and a total of 110 calories. Like all of the brand’s products, Mini Bites are made with a clean set of ingredients, including almond flour, butter, egg whites, and natural sweeteners, stevia and monk fruit.

To start, HighKey only has one flavor available for its Soft Baked Mini Bites in Birthday Cake, and to keep that theme running into the product, it has colorful rainbow sprinkles throughout the bites. You can pick up HighKey’s newest keto-friendly treat from its website, where a large bag of 21 bites costs $13.97, the same as three smaller bags of Mini Cookies.

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