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Chocolate-based flavor also on the way for Nutrabio’s tasty Plant Protein

Nutrabio Chocolate Drizzle Plant Protein

Last week Nutrabio came out and announced two developments involving its recently relaunched, vegan-friendly Nutrabio Plant Protein, which, if you haven’t tried it yet, is one of the tastier ones out there. The updates for the supplement are the brand is getting ready to release another flavor for the product in Vanilla Wafer and a double-size tub packing a total of 36 servings.

It turns out, Nutrabio has one other development to share for its smooth and flavorful Nutrabio Plant Protein. Alongside that fourth flavor of the supplement and second tub size, the brand is dropping one other flavor that’s just as traditional as Vanilla Wafer in Chocolate Drizzle. As far as we know, it will also be coming in the original 18 serving and 36 serving tubs, and arriving soon.

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