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Redcon1 is coming out with a smaller 330ml version of its tasty MRE RTD

redcon1 smaller mre rtd

Two-time Brand Of The Year winner Redcon1 has been much busier in 2021 than the last couple of years, coming out with several supplements, similar to 2017 and 2018 when it won Brand Of The Year. We’ve seen fun and exciting flavor series, entirely new products such as Warzone and the Redcon1 BAR, and now it’s lining up a spin-off of its tasty high-protein, MRE RTD.

After many delays, Redcon1 finally brought its long-awaited and highly-anticipated MRE RTD to market at the end of last year, packing 40g of protein from a similar formula to the original MRE and in four flavors. For fans that want something a little lighter, maybe with a bit less protein, the brand has good news, as it is indeed coming out with a smaller version of the MRE RTD.

The upcoming MRE RTD spin-off is just over 30% smaller in volume than the original, sitting at 330ml a bottle. It provides scaled-down macros from the full-size version with 25g of protein instead of 40, around 4g of carbohydrates, an equal 4g of fat, and 150 calories. Those numbers will vary across its selection of flavors, which is going to be different from the regular 480ml MRE RTD.

Redcon1 has previewed four flavors for its snack-sized MRE RTD, with three from the original in Milk Chocolate, Vanilla Milkshake, and Salted Caramel. The fourth is an all-new flavor experience, something that’s not currently available for the full-size MRE RTD in a classic Cookies & Cream. The product will be online soon at with no word on how much lower it’ll be.

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