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Arms Race confirms five upcoming products including a plant protein and sleep aid

Arms Race Nutrition Vegan Protein

Despite how busy Arms Race Nutrition has been throughout the year with its many flavor extensions, flavor series, and new supplements, it still has more to come. On the all-new product side, we’ve seen a fair amount from the Julian Smith and Doug Miller brand, including its first-ever fat burner Thermo, the comprehensive Immunity Greens, Elevation protein powder, and the Basics Series.

Following the recent release of Elevation from only a couple of weeks ago, Arms Race Nutrition has come out and confirmed a bunch of supplements it has coming down the pipeline. There is a vegan protein powder on the way, the sleep product Night Night, a flavored version of its brain function formula Clarity, and a high protein and carbohydrate meal replacement or gainer.

Also still in the works with Arms Race Nutrition is a protein bar, although that has been a long time coming and something we posted about here at Stack3d in January. The brand is indeed still working on it, doing its best to get it to a point it feels comfortable to launch, giving fans an impressive total of five products that are gradually getting there and likely rolling out in the coming months.

Basically, there is a lot of excitement on the way from Arms Race Nutrition, which is not just impressive due to how much it’s working on, but more so due to how much it’s already pumped out this year. We’ll pass on any developments that come across our desk and definitely look forward to some of those new categories for Arms Race in the protein bar and Night Night.