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Axe and Sledge sets its sights on the superfood category with Greens+

Axe And Sledge Greens

Over the past few weeks, Seth Feroce’s popular supplement company Axe and Sledge has entered a couple of new categories, which is a lot more frequent than we typically see it taking on areas it’s not already in. To start the month, fans were treated to the daily cleanse and detoxification product Daily Cleanse than the moderately dosed nootropic, Actual Intelligence.

Axe and Sledge has now announced it is coming out with yet another entirely new supplement sometime soon with its superfood debut, Greens+. The ever-growing brand will be taking a comprehensive approach to the product, putting more than just the title ingredient in there with superfoods, probiotics to support gut health, and some things to help with hydration.

Axe and Sledge Greens+ is going to have a handful of premium features as well with CocOrganic coconut water, the DigeSEB blend of digestive enzymes, and the proven, multi-benefit KSM-66 ashwagandha. Based on what the brand has shared so far, the upcoming Greens+ does indeed sound like a comprehensive supplement, so we look forward to seeing its complete facts panel.

We’re not sure when exactly Axe and Sledge is rolling out Greens+ but if it does so within the next couple of weeks, following Daily Cleanse and Actual Intelligence, that’ll make it three all-new categories in the span of four weeks.