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Chocolate Banoffee is back for the Misfits Protein Bar and this time it’s here to stay

Misfits Chocolate Banoffee Protein Bar

Last month, the plant-based functional food brand Misfits brought back a recently released and popular limited-edition flavor of its flagship, vegan-friendly protein snack. That flavor was the Speculoos Spread-themed Chocolate Speculoos Protein Bar, and most importantly, it did not return as a limited-time item; the brand decided to make it a permanent product.

Misfits has now done the same thing for another special edition flavor of its protein bar launched earlier this year, although, for this one, you have to go back to a few months before Chocolate Speculoos. This time around, the plant-based brand has resurrected its Chocolate Banoffee Protein Bar from January, and as mentioned, it is not limited and here to stay.

You can purchase Misfits’ returning and ongoing Chocolate Banoffee Protein Bar from its online store at its usual price of £18 (24.73 USD) for a box of a dozen protein bars.

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