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Completely custom nutrition and training system coming soon from Obvi

Obvi Training Programs

Obvi has pumped out many different supplements and products this year, including several categories and formats that we did not see coming from the colorful lifestyle company. The latest announcement from the growing brand is something completely new and very interesting; however, it is not a supplement of any sort but does involve them.

Coming soon from Obvi is a coaching and diet system that is customized to suit each individual person. The plans the brand will be offering are extremely comprehensive, consisting of diets that can change from week to week and training to non-training days. It also includes exercise programs, weekly coach check-ins, and supplement suggestions.

There is a lot of effort going into Obvi’s new coaching and diet system, and it’ll definitely be worth it as well as a great addition to the brand’s growing list of products. The pricing of Obvi’s completely custom program is much like its many supplements and accessories, and quite reasonable, coming in at $99.99 for a four week plan or $149.99 for eight.

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