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Performax improves the absorption of key ingredients for an even better MassMax

Performax Labs Massmax

MassMax is Performax Labs’ other muscle-building supplement alongside AlphaMax, which we posted about yesterday regarding its few tweaks to go with its rebrand. While AlphaMax features a testosterone-boosting formula, MassMax is a natural anabolic product, and similar to Alpha, the brand is making some changes for its transition to the new look, although not a lot.

Fans of Performax Labs’ current version of MassMax can look forward to only improvements in the 2021 edition, as every one of its ingredients and dosages has been carried over. Nothing has been added or removed; the small tweak is its key muscle-building ingredients, methyl oleate and methyl palmitate, now come in a cyclodextrin complex for improved absorption and effectiveness.

Performax Labs Massmax Label

We’ve added the updated facts panel for Performax Labs refreshed MassMax in the image above, still aiming to deliver improved muscle size and strength. The better version of MassMax is due to launch tomorrow alongside the brand’s updated AlphaMax, reformulated HyperMax-3D, and the rest of its rebranded lineup at precisely 11 AM Eastern Time on its website.