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Quest Frosted Cookies arrive at $9.89 for a box of eight in Chocolate and Birthday Cake

Where To Buy Quest Frosted Cookies

Back in July, we posted about a new and creative protein snack from the giant functional company Quest Nutrition with Quest Frosted Cookies. They are small, bite-sized, apparently cookie-like pieces covered in frosting with two flavors to choose from in Chocolate Cake and Birthday Cake, featuring a light nutrition profile of 5g of protein, 9 to 10g of carbohydrates, and 90 calories.

If you’ve wanted to get your hands on the tasty and all-new Quest Frosted Cookies, the wait is over, and you can now purchase them directly from Quest Nutrition through its website. The product comes in boxes of eight delicious cookies, each with, as mentioned, 5g of protein, under a gram of sugar, and 90 calories, and the price isn’t too bad at $9.89, working out to $1.23 a cookie.