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Bombbar launches another protein bar with separate flavors in its two layers

Bombbar Duo Protein Bar

The ever-expanding sports nutrition and functional food company, Bombbar, has yet another new protein bar this week, and despite already having so many, this one has a point of difference. Duo Protein Bar is the latest creation from the Russia-based Bombbar, and the “Duo” part of its name is what separates it from its protein bars such as #Bombbar, the Chikabar, and even the more recent, Chika Layers.

Bombbar’s Duo Protein Bar is a bar format snack with two doughy layers, each of which provides a different flavor, so they all have two tastes to their experience. There is Cream Pistachio with one layer milk and the other pistachio; Cream Biscuits with a milky layer and one for the cookies; Raspberry Cream with, of course, a mix of cream and raspberry; then finally, Cappuccino, with one milk layer and the other coffee.

Regardless of what flavor of the Duo Protein Bar you go with, they all give you a solid 20g of protein per bar with 5 to 6.2g of carbohydrates, 2 to 3.6g of fat, and calories between 180 and 190. As per usual, the place to go to purchase Bombbar’s latest effort is its own online store, where you’ll pay ₽1,380 (19.44 USD) for a box of a dozen bars or ₽2,300 (32.39 USD) for a variety bundle with five of each flavor.

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