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Glaxon comes up with a very different flavor for Tranquility in Honey Bourbon

Glaxon Honey Bourbon Tranquility

Tranquility is Glaxon’s second sleep support supplement, something we reviewed earlier in the year and found to be incredibly effective. It is actually a replacement for the consistently growing brand’s first entry in the category with Sedative. Overall, we found it to be a better experience, delivering a nice smooth knockout effect and deep, unbroken sleep.

We’re bringing up Glaxon and Tranquility today as another flavor for the sleep supplement has been announced to go alongside its current selection of Midnight Cherry, Watermelon, and Just Grape. The new addition to the menu due to launch tomorrow through the brand’s website is very different from all of those others with a unique Honey Bourbon.

As mentioned, Glaxon is dropping its Honey Bourbon Tranquility tomorrow through its online store at, where a tub of the quality sleep product will cost you $39.99, or $32 for Stack3d Insiders. We’ll also be running a giveaway of the flavor tomorrow through social media, so be sure to tune back in if you want a chance at winning the product.

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