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Kentai puts 1g dosages of creatine and HMB into flavored chewable tablets

Kentai Performance Tab Creatine And Hmb

Kentai from Japan has released two new supplements recently, both featuring different main ingredients; however, they come in the same rather unique format. The products are Kentai’s Performance Tab Creatine and Performance Tab HMB, which puts those two ingredients mentioned in the names at moderate dosages into flavored chewable tablets.

Kentai’s Performance Tab Creatine puts a light one gram of creatine monohydrate into each of its 50 lemon-flavored chewables, meaning if you want that full 5g of creatine, you’ll only get ten servings a bag. The dose is the same for Kentai’s Performance Tab HMB, featuring a more respectable 1g of HMB in each of its 50 grapefruit-flavored tablets.

Both of Kentai’s all-new chewable supplements are available through its website but are not the same price, with Performance Tab Creatine at ¥1,296 (11.38 USD) and Performance Tab HMB almost double at ¥1,296 (18.96 USD).

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