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Lohilo closes out its busy week with a pecan and caramel filled protein ice cream

Lohilo Texas Pecan Protein Ice Cream

Lohilo has been incredibly busy this past week, turning its protein ice cream flavor Damn Good into an option for Protein Powder and Shape, and introducing its collaboration beverage Glow 2022. While that is quite a few developments for the Swedish brand in a short amount of time, it is not done yet, with one more story to share before the week is out.

Alongside the release of its Damn Good Protein Powder and Shape, and collagen-infused energy drink Glow 2022, Lohilo has put together another flavor of its delicious high-protein ice cream. If you haven’t tried the product before, it is easily one of the best frozen functional treats out there, and now it has an even bigger selection with the all-new Texas Pecan.

Lohilo’s Texas Pecan protein ice cream is a creamy vanilla ice cream with sweet caramelized pecans and swirls of delicious salted caramel throughout. Despite all of those mouthwatering features, the product still manages to provide a solid 19g of protein per box with 359 calories, so nowhere near as lean as some of its other options, but the taste sounds worth it.

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