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G Fuel also has a Spider-Man: No Way Home flavor of Sparkling Hydration

G Fuel Radioactive Lemonade Sparkling Hydration

G Fuel dropped an absolute bomb yesterday, completely unveiling a massive collection of products put together in partnership with the upcoming and highly-anticipated movie Spider-Man: No Way Home. The gaming brand and film created a flavor called Radioactive Lemonade for its energy and focus supplement, energy drink, and hydration formula.

It turns out; there is actually one other product G Fuel and Spider-Man: No Way Home have teamed up for, which you won’t see listed on the Spider-Man Collection page at There is also a Radioactive Lemonade flavor of the gaming supplement company’s non-energizing beverage, Sparkling Hydration, presumably launching outside its website.

Fans of G Fuel may remember, the brand recently released a bunch of new flavors for that specific product, and none of them were available through its online store. G Fuel decided to make all of the additions exclusive to the retail giant Amazon, which has us thinking that may be the case with the Spider-Man: No Way Home Sparkling Hydration.

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