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Nano Supps’ X-Mas Special is back but this time for two functional products

Nano Supps Xmas Special Protein Pancake

For Christmas last year, the creative European functional company Nano Supps came out with a special edition flavor of its signature protein snack, the soft, smooth, and sweet Protein Pancake. The flavor was called X-Mas Special, and it featured a combination of spicey Speculaas-inspired pancake dough and delicious gooey caramel filling the pocket in the center.

Nano Supps has once again put together something for Christmas here in 2021, although this year, it is truly treating fans. The brand has brought back last year’s X-Mas Special Protein Pancake with the same taste but a new packaging design. Alongside the return of the product, Nano Supps has a special edition Christmas flavor for its tasty spread, Protein Cream.

Nano Supps Xmas Special Protein Cream

The Christmassy Protein Cream is also named X-Mas Special, or more completely, X-Mas Special Caramel, as it is a caramel-flavored spread with a hint of holiday spices and citrusy orange. Both of those Nano Supps products are only available for a limited time and are out now in Europe, giving you plenty of time to enjoy them before the big day rolls around.