Quarterfinals of the heated 2021 Protein Wars open and ready to vote

Nov 22nd, 2021
Protein Wars Quarterfinals 2021

The quarterfinals of the 2021 and ninth annual Protein Wars have kicked off, and it was certainly an intense week of voting in round one. Over the many years we’ve run our protein powder showdown, we usually get a fairly even mix of young to legacy supplements and brands that progress out of the first round, although this year, the quarterfinals are packed full of heavy hitters.

Three of the past six Protein Wars champions have made it through to the second round, including Ghost Whey, two-time winner Nutrabio Whey Protein Isolate, and the current titleholder, Jim Stoppani’s Pro Jym. The full list of quarterfinalists can be found on the main Protein Wars voting page at proteinwars.com where you can now show your support once again and vote.

Stack3d Awards Season

As in years past, the Protein Wars runs for four weeks, and with each week, the field of protein powders shrinks bit by bit. After the all-out opening round where we had over 120 supplements to vote on, we’re left with 16. Those popular protein products have been split up into groups of four, and the one that gets the most votes out of their group will move on to the semifinals.

We’ll be back one week from today, giving you another rundown on how the 2021 Protein Wars quarterfinals went and going over the protein powders in the semifinals. You have until midnight this coming Sunday to get your votes in, with each person only having a maximum of one vote recorded per group, although you can just vote in the group your favorite supplement is in.

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