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Nootramine and its first six mainstream supplements launch in Russia

Nootramine Debut

Nootramine is a supplement company from the recently discontinued hardcore brand Freak Label out of Russia. Nootramine was created as a replacement for Freak Label in an effort to reach a broader, more mainstream audience. Over the past few weeks, the brand has been revealing each of its debut products, and starting this month, you can finally purchase them.

Freak Label’s Nootramine has officially launched through its online store at All six of the newcomer’s supplements are in stock and available right out of the gate, each named after the popular category it belongs to. There is Sleep Support, the stimulating Pre-Workout, Amino’s, Protein, the testosterone booster Male Herbs, and the simplest item, MCT Oil.

The prices on Nootramine’s debut products vary from one to another, with MCT Oil being the cheapest at 1,290₽ (17.57 USD), Pre-Workout at 1,290₽ (24.37 USD) per tub, and Male Herbs and Protein are the most expensive at 1,990₽ (27.10 USD) each.