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Testosterone booster continues the reveal of Nootramine’s debut lineup

Nootramine Male Herbs

The reveal of Nootramine’s debut supplements continues to roll in this week, following details on its sleep support product shared only a few days ago. Over the past month or so, we’ve posted about Nootramine’s Sleep Support, Aminos, Pre-Workout, and Protein, all named after their category or primary benefit, and now we have for you Male Herbs.

Male Herbs is Nootramine’s testosterone boosting supplement, bringing together four main ingredients, which you will be familiar with if you’re a regular user of products from the category. The Russian brand has combined a gram of horny goat weed, 1.2g of fenugreek, longjack at 200mg per serving, and, lastly, 600mg of the multi-benefit ashwagandha.

As mentioned, Nootramine’s Male Herbs aims to help boost testosterone, leading to several off-shooting effects, including improved muscle strength, size, drive, and performance. As far as we know, the brand, which is a replacement for the previously hardcore and now discontinued Freak Label, is still launching next month directly through