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Commonly used ingredients come together once again in Nootramine’s Sleep Support

Nootramine Sleep Support

Over the past few weeks, Nootramine, the more mainstream brand replacing the hardcore Freak Label, has been revealing full details on the supplements it plans to debut with. We’ve seen its very straightforward stimulant pre-workout, the uniquely flavored whey-based protein powder, and the slightly more complex EAA-powered amino product.

Nootramine is keeping the reveals going this week with information on another one of the supplements it plans to debut with, named after its category or main benefit in “Sleep Support”. Like the other items mentioned, Nootramine Sleep Support brings together a variety of commonly used ingredients in an unfortunately non-transparent blend.

Each serving of Nootramine Sleep Support is made up of three capsules, providing a 1.426g proprietary blend of glycine, mucuna pruriens, valerian root, theanine, rhodiola, 5-HTP, and reliable melatonin. Like many other products in the nighttime category, Sleep Support aims to help get you to sleep and ensure it’s quality deep sleep for better overall recovery.

Russia-based Nootramine is still planning to unleash all of its relatively straightforward, mainstream supplements sometime in the month of December. There are five products currently confirmed for the launch, and by the sounds of things, there may still be more to come, which we’ll be sure to share when details become available.