Myprotein and Hotel Chocolat create a block of dark chocolate that’s high in protein

Dec 1st, 2021
Myprotein Hotel Chocolat Luxury Protein Chocolate

International brand Myprotein has partnered with the popular and reputable chocolatier Hotel Chocolat for another product, although this one is a bit different from its first two. For those that missed it, Myprotein and Hotel Chocolat came together in October to release two special edition flavors of the Layered Protein Bar deliciously made with premium dark couverture chocolate.

Myprotein and Hotel Chocolat have introduced the high protein chocolate slab, Luxury Protein Chocolate. It is a rich and creamy block of solid dark chocolate infused with high-quality whey isolate. Each 70g block of the mouthwatering chocolate treat has 20g of protein, just 12g of carbohydrates with 11g of that sugar, and a hefty 31g of fat, which drives up the calories to a total of 418.

The carbohydrates are definitely lower than your traditional slab of dark chocolate, the protein is, as mentioned, heightened, and the fat is about where you’d expect. The product sounds like an absolute treat, even more so than the special edition Layered Protein Bars, and the Luxury Protein Chocolate is available now from the brand’s UK website at £5.99 (7.95 USD) for a 70g block.

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