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Schoolyard Snacks gets into the bar market with a high-protein keto-friendly approach

Schoolyard Snacks Keto Bar

When the healthy snack brand The Cereal School changed its name to Schoolyard Snacks, it released its first non-cereal product with high-protein and keto-friendly Keto Puffs. This week the functional food company has added another snack to its selection, its third overall, and like Keto Puffs, it is not any sort of cereal, introducing the Keto Bar.

Schoolyard Snacks Keto Bar is a high-protein bar packing 13g of the macro, alongside 14g of fat, an equal 14g of carbohydrates with 2g of sugar and 3g of net carbs, and a calorie count of 190. The nutrition profile stays true to the keto-friendly name of the product, which is made with key ingredients such as whey concentrate, collagen, almond and cashew butter, and the sweeteners erythritol and allulose.

Schoolyard Snacks Keto Bar 1

Schoolyard Snacks currently only has one flavor to choose from for the all-new Keto Bar in Cookie Dough with deliciously rich dark chocolate chips throughout. The protein-packed and keto-style bar is reasonably priced on the brand’s website at $34.99 for a box of 12, although if you grab two, you’re looking at $27.99 a box, and four boxes drop to $26.24 each.