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Delicious Caramel Choco turns Barebells’ softer protein bar into a series

Barebells Caramel Choco Soft Protein Bar

When Barebells recently relaunched its 2021 Christmas edition Rocky Road Marshmallow Protein Bar as a permanent product, we noticed something about its branding and title. The reputable Sweden-based Barebells gave its Rocky Road Marshmallow Protein Bar its own look, separate from any of its other delicious protein snacks and it featured the subtitle “Soft Protein Bar”, due to its softer texture.

We thought those changes might just be a one-off for Barebells Rocky Road Marshmallow Protein Bar, or the brand could be setting up a family of flavors with that Soft Protein Bar build. It turns out our suspicions were correct, as Barebells has announced the second flavor of its softer, more marshmallow-like snack. Coming soon to stores and stockists in Sweden is a delicious-sounding Caramel Choco Soft Protein Bar.

The product has a slightly lower amount of protein compared to Barebells’ signature protein bar but similar to the Rocky Road Marshmallow Soft Protein Bar at a respectable 16g. Pictures make it look like it has a rich brownie base topped with sweet and salty caramel, all wrapped in chocolate. Once again, Barebells Caramel Choco Soft Protein Bar is due to be available on shelves in Sweden sometime soon.

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