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Bio Tech also puts arachidonic, Laxosterone and Mediator into its turkesterone muscle builder

Bio Tech Nutra Anabolic

The advanced sports nutrition company Bio Tech Nutra is another one interested in the growing turkesterone market, although it is planning to put in a lot more than just the popular ingredient. A few brands have launched more complex turkesterone supplements such as Darkside and Nutra Innovations, although none quite as lengthy as what Bio Tech Nutra has coming.

The simply named Anabolic is the upcoming turkesterone backed muscle building product from Bio Tech Nutra, featuring quite a bit less than the usual daily dose of the muscle-building ingredient. The brand is putting 300mg of ajuga turkestanica into a daily serving of its supplement, standardized to 10% turkesterone, compared to the two servings of 500mg we’ve seen in the majority of other turk products.

Bio Tech Nutra Anabolic Label

As mentioned, though, Bio Tech Nutra’s Anabolic has several other strength and growth supporting ingredients alongside turkesterone, including 800mg of Mediator phosphatidic acid, 200mg of Laxosterone laxogenin, and 200mg of arachidonic acid. Vitamin D and zinc are in the mix as well at 3,000iu and 10mg, respectively, and the always present BioPerine black pepper for better absorption.

While we do like the variety Bio Tech Nutra has brought together for its turkesterone-powered Anabolic, we would have preferred higher dosages for the likes of arachidonic acid and Mediator phosphatidic acid. The supplement is expected to be available soon, and it will have 28 servings per bottle, so again, it’s not the more common turk dose of 500mg of a serving twice a day.