Lohilo drops a third flavor of its Boot Camp drink a year after its first

5 days ago
Lohilo Boot Camp White Peach

Lohilo has released the third entry in its Boot Camp Series of functional beverages going alongside its previous pair of Boot Camp Yuzu Lime from early last year and the recent and unique Boot Camp Lychee. The Swedish brand’s Boot Camp drink is intended to be a more workout or exercise style drink featuring 3.2g of recovery-supporting BCAAs per can and a moderate 210mg of caffeine for energy.

The newest flavor from Lohilo is Boot Camp White Peach, combining that more fitness-focused formula with a refreshing peachy taste. It is still a clean and guilt-free beverage with no sugar or carbohydrates and a calorie count of 13. As always, the brand’s website is the place to go to get your hands on its latest effort, where Boot Camp White Peach is available in bulk lots of 12, 24, and 48 cans.

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