Bombbar adds a coffee option to its dual-flavor bar but with a Russian twist

Nut Coffee Raf Bombbar Protein Bar

One of the many more recent products to come out of our two-time Functional Brand Of The Year for 2021, Bombbar, was the Peanut Butter Bombbar Protein Bar. What makes the snack so different and interesting from any of its other efforts is the fact it has two separate doughy layers on the inside; one is peanut butter flavored and the other chocolate.

Bombbar has already dropped two products to start the New Year, and as we come to the close of January, it is rolling out another with a second flavor for that Peanut Butter Bombbar Protein Bar. The addition to the snack is Nut Coffee Raf, based on traditional Russian Raf Coffee, continuing that two-part build with one layer peanut butter and the other creamy coffee.

The nutrition profile on the new Nut Coffee Raf Bombbar Protein Bar is much the same as the Peanut Butter flavor at 20g of protein, only 5g of carbohydrates with no sugar, and 15g of fat, for a total of 270 calories. As usual, the place to go to get the latest from Bombbar is its website, where Nut Coffee Raf costs 1440₽ (18.66 USD) for a box of 12 protein bars.

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