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Anabolic Warfare builds out its Project Muscle Series further with Project Density

Anabolic Warfare Project Density

Over the past week or so, we’ve revealed details on two new promising supplements from Anabolic Warfare, geared towards muscle building, although one of them had a bit more lean mass to it. Those products were the turkesterone-based Project Hulk and the somewhat hybrid Project Cuts, both with that naming convention “Project” and are a part of what’s called the Project Muscle Series.

There is indeed more to Anabolic Warfare’s Project Muscle Series with four supplements in total, and today we have the third in the spotlight with something quite similar to Project Hulk. Project Density is another entry in the premium muscle-building Project Muscle Series, and like Hulk, it is based around one key ingredient. Each serving of Density packs half a gram of smilax extract and 5mg of BioPerine black pepper to improve and enhance absorption.

Thanks to the inclusion of smilax extract, Anabolic Warfare’s Project Density promotes increased muscle protein synthesis for better muscle recovery, growth, and strength, improved definition, and cortisol balance. You can stack Density with the other Project Muscle Series products in Hulk and Cuts, to bring all of their benefits together with Density priced close to Hulk at $51.99 a bottle.