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Perfect Day’s animal-free whey finds its way into Betterland’s one-of-a-kind milk

Betterland Cow Free Milk

Animal-free whey protein is a unique and incredibly innovative ingredient from Perfect Day, which is the same as standard whey protein; however, instead of using cows, Perfect Day relies on microflora to produce it. The product gives you all of the benefits of whey protein without lactose and the animal process, hence why it’s referred to as animal-free whey protein.

Since first being introduced to Perfect Day’s animal-free whey protein in Brave Robot’s ice cream, we’ve seen it show up in a couple of sports nutrition products, something we knew would happen eventually. The latest development on the animal-free whey protein front is not supplement-related but worth sharing if you’ve been followed the growth and expansion of Perfect Day’s innovation.

Animal-free whey protein is now being put into a much more mainstream product format with Betterland Cow-Free Milk. Betterland is a cow-free company that has decided to combine Perfect Day’s animal-free whey protein with MCTs and sunflower oils. The result is a creamy, next-generation milk that is lactose-free and made without cows, and to top it all off, it has less sugar than traditional milk.

Betterland is expected to launch its Cow-Free Milk sometime soon in a standard 32oz carton, and it’ll have two varieties to choose from in Whole and Extra Creamy. For more information on the company Betterland and its upcoming, one-of-a-kind milk, head to its website over at and look forward to seeing its Cow-Free Milk in stores soon.