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Momentum continues at Chaos Crew with news of another premium standalone product

Chaos Crew Laxo

Chaos Crew in the UK already revealed and released two supplements under its all-new Amplify Series this week, both named after their one and only ingredients in Cellflo6 and BrainBerry. The momentum continues today for the brand as it has announced another fairly straightforward product, similar to those two mentioned, although this is not a part of the workout-amplifying Amplify Series.

The simply named Laxo is the latest supplement unveiled by Chaos Crew, and for now, it has only been unveiled. The UK-based brand has yet to make it available for purchase; however, it sounds like it’ll be here soon. As for its contents, as per its name, Laxo is indeed a standalone laxogenin product to support muscle strength and size, with unfortunately no mention of the dose we’re getting.

Chaos Crew is relatively reliable when it comes to dosages, so we’re guessing its upcoming Laxo will be similar to others on the market at somewhere around 100mg per capsule. The supplement will have 60 capsules per bottle, so if 100mg is the amount we’re in for, you’ll have room to double up for 200mg a day and still have enough to get you through an entire month.

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