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G Fuel gets in on the Valentine’s Day celebration with its Love Bug flavor

Love Bug G Fuel

G Fuel puts together flavors for many occasions, whether it be Black Friday or the release of a movie, making it no stranger to timing something for a specific time of year. In 2021, the brand did exactly that for Valentine’s Day, relaunching its original Twisted Kandy flavor with a limited-time name and branding in Love Kandy, and for 2022, the gaming supplement company is at it again.

For Valentine’s Day this year, G Fuel has put together another special edition reskin of one of the many flavors available for its flagship energy and focus-enhancing product. The flavor the brand has temporarily renamed and rebranded this time around is apparently its fairly recent tart candy FaZe Rug collaboration, Brain Matter, which for Valentine’s Day is appropriately called Love Bug.

G Fuel is launching its celebratory Love Bug supplement in a Collector’s Box with a full-size tub of Love Bug and a matching shaker, with the box itself having a “To” and “From” section on the side to turn it into a genuine Valentine’s Day gift. The product is not available yet but will be soon with time to get a hold of it for the big day, in fact, you can sign up to be notified as soon as it’s live at

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