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Naughty Boy shares details on a health formula alongside Ghetto Gear and Immortale

Naughty Boy Purge

Last week we posted details on two new supplements coming soon from the UK brand Naughty Boy in the MitoPrime and KSM-66-powered Immortale, and the muscle builder Ghetto Gear. There is, in fact, another complex product coming down the pipeline alongside those two, named Purge, which is a comprehensive health and wellness supplement.

You can see the facts panel behind Purge in the image below, and as we’ve seen Naughty Boy do in the majority of its other products, Purge features a solid and reliable formula. A few of its ingredients and premium branded compounds, including OxyJun at 400mg per serving, EVNolMax at 100mg, and the always-present BioPerine to improve absorption.

Naughty Boy Purge Label

Some of the other key ingredients in Naughty Boy’s Purge are 200mg of dandelion, a solid 1.2g of n-acetyl cysteine, and a gram of milk thistle. As mentioned, Purge is a health and wellness supplement primarily geared towards improving and supporting organ health. That is something the brand’s Winter Soldier product The Life Pac also helps with, although, unlike Life Pac, Purge is not a limited launch and will be around for good.

Like Immortale and Ghetto Gear, Purge is due to be available in Naughty Boy’s local market of the UK and Europe sometime soon. We’ll likely get a preview of the actual supplement before the release, so when that surfaces, you can expect to see it in stores and stockists soon after.