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Project Muscle Series rounds out with a post-cycle therapy formula

Anabolic Warfare Project Pct

Anabolic Warfare has most of its Project Muscle Series supplements out and available, although there are a few that have yet to make it onto its website. We’ve shared a couple of those over the last few days in Project Test and Project Bulk; now today, we have details on one final upcoming Project Muscle product in the post-cycle therapy formula Project PCT.

Project PCT is, as mentioned, a post-cycle therapy supplement to help boost natural testosterone, maintain hormone balance, and support liver and prostate health. As with any product of this type, the Project Muscle Series PCT is designed to be taken after a cycle, and it has many of the common PCT ingredients such as milk thistle, saw palmetto, and DIM.

Anabolic Warfare Project Pct Label

Interestingly, Anabolic Warfare has not continued the theme of complete transparency seen in the many other Project Muscle Series supplements in Project PCT. Instead, the brand separates and wraps all of the product’s ingredients into proprietary blends, as you can see in the facts panel above, such as the 378mg Testosterone Boosting Matrix made up of tribulus, maca, longjack, and epimedium.

Since Project PCT is the only post-cycle therapy supplement in Anabolic Warfare’s Project Muscle Series, there is no crossover to be worried about, and it can stack with all of the other entries in the line. We have to imagine that Project PCT, as well as Project Test and Bulk, will be available through the brand’s website soon, and it will have the usual 30 servings a bottle.