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Anabolic Warfare puts Growth, Hulk and Density’s main ingredients into Bulk

Anabolic Warfare Project Bulk

Project Bulk is one of the three supplements yet to be officially released and available through Anabolic Warfare’s online store from its all-new Project Muscle Series. Like a couple of the other entries in the collection of muscle, hormone, and weight loss supporting products, Project Bulk does have some crossover ingredients with other Project Muscle supplements.

Anabolic Warfare’s Project Bulk is a specialized muscle strength and size building product, and it is backed by several ingredients, including the main features and focuses from Project Growth, Project Hulk, and Project Density. You can see the entire formula powering the supplement in the facts panel below, with the ingredients from those other products far from all that’s in there.

Anabolic Warfare Project Bulk Label

Like Project Hulk, Anabolic Warfare has packed Project Bulk with half a gram of ajuga turkestanica providing turkesterone; like Project Density, there is another half a gram of smilax; and like Project Growth, epicatechin is in there but at a lighter dose of 250mg. Also thrown into the mix is DHEA at 100mg, maral root, boron, and half a gram of eucommia ulmoides per serving.

Anabolic Warfare suggests stacking Project Bulk with Test and Gains for more muscle strength and size support or combining with Project Jacked for an all-out gainer experience. Again, Project Bulk is not available yet through the brand’s website but should be soon, and for price, looking at its formula, we suspect it’ll be one of the more expensive Project Muscle Series entries.