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Jason Budsock talks all about Animal’s rebrand and the many new product it’s rolling out

Animal Rebrand Interview

Hardcore legacy supplement company Animal is currently going through one of its biggest changes for as long as we can remember, involving a complete rebrand of its lineup. To go with the makeover, the brand is rolling out a handful of entirely new products, which is not something we often see from Animal, including Animal Alpha F, Animal Cuts NS, and Animal Beef Biltong.

We sat down this week with Jason Budsock from Universal Nutrition and Animal for a Stack3d Supplement Podcast interview, where we talked all about the shifts going on at Animal. Jason covers some of the goals and reasons behind the changes the brand has made to its iconic labels, and goes into detail about the all-new products that have already started rolling out to stores.

Interestingly, Jason Budsock was able to confirm that while Animal Alpha F, Animal Cuts, and the still upcoming Animal Beef Biltong are major releases for the brand, there are two other items yet to be revealed. While he wasn’t able to confirm names or even categories for them, he says one is similar to Alpha F but for men, so potentially a male hormone health supplement, and the other is a comprehensive approach to a category Animal has been in before.

Basically, there is plenty to be excited about for Animal fans in early 2022, especially with the brand’s first-ever women’s product in Alpha F, and again, there is still more to come with the biltong and two mystery supplements. You can listen to the entire interview with Animal’s Jason Bodsock on the usual podcast platforms, including Spotify, iTunes, Google, and SoundCloud.

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