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Chocolate Caramel lowers the protein but is Outright’s most impressive flavor to-date

Chocolate Caramel Outright Protein Bar Arnold

The reputable functional food brand Outright is exhibiting at the Arnold Sports Festival this weekend in Columbus, Ohio, sitting in the same group of booths as Ambrosia and Brandon Curry’s O15 Nutrition. In that Outright display is the latest flavor of its flagship, real food protein snack, the Chocolate Caramel Outright Protein Bar, and it is as good as we hoped.

Chocolate Caramel is the first-ever chocolate-coated flavor of the Outright Protein Bar, and after seeing pictures last week, we purchased a box as soon as we saw it at the Arnold Expo. It is absolutely amazing with the sweet milk chocolate on the outside turning the Outright Bar into a truly candy-like treat, and the inside still has that signature smooth Outright consistency, although it’s a caramel-dominated flavor experience.

Chocolate Caramel Outright Protein Bar

The combination of realistic milk chocolate and unforgettable sweet caramel makes Chocolate Caramel one of the best flavors of the Outright Protein Bar to date. The product is outstanding; however, it is not without a caveat. The macros on Chocolate Caramel are slightly different from any other flavor of the protein bar, mostly a lot less protein at only 11g per bar with 15g of fat, 28g of carbohydrates, 20g of sugar, and 290 calories.

Basically, you get a truly impressive candy bar-like protein snack combining on-point chocolate and caramel with the Outright Protein Bar’s melt-in-your-mouth consistency, but the trade-off is 5g or so less protein and the same calories. Again, Chocolate Caramel is available at the Arnold Expo and online at Tiger Fitness, where it’s currently on sale at $22.39 a box.