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Barebells turns Lemon Cheesecake into a flavor of its great tasting Milkshake

Lemon Cheesecake Barebells Milkshake

With Summer fast approaching, Barebells has put together another flavor of its protein-packed and memorably delicious protein shake, simply named Barebells Milkshake. It is the best tasting, ready-to-drink protein product we’ve had with unbeatable originals like Chocolate and Strawberry, and some newer, not-so-common creations like Honey Melon and Creamy Pear.

To go with the upcoming Summer season, Barebells has taken a classic dessert and turned it into a limited-edition flavor of Barebells Milkshake with Lemon Cheesecake. The on-the-go product promises an epic lemon and smooth cheesecake taste while giving you the drink’s usual macros of 24g of protein, 13g of carbohydrates, 12g of that sugar, 4.6g of fat, and 195 calories.

The all-new Summer Edition Lemon Cheesecake Barebells Milkshake is rolling out to the brand’s many retail partners in its home country of Sweden from the start of week 14, which is Monday of next week.

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