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Naughty Boy reveals its Summer Vibe Series seasonal supplement Crea-Greens

Naughty Boy Crea Greens

Naughty Boy recently released its limited-time Summer Vibes Series featuring several all-new flavor creations for some of its more popular supplements, including the pre-workouts Menace and SickPump Synergy. It turns out there is another entry in the collection that’s not a special edition flavor but an entirely new product, similar to the four supplements making up its Winter Soldier Series.

Crea-Greens is Naughty Boy’s all-new exclusive to the Summer Vibes Series, making it a seasonal product that won’t be available year-round. You can probably figure out what’s in the supplement based on the name, with a combination of creatine and superfoods. Almost all of the main ingredients are premium and branded, with the exception of creatine, which is tried and true creatine monohydrate at a full dose of 5g per serving.

While monohydrate takes care of the creatine side of Naughty Boy’s Crea-Greens, the concentrated superfood blend MitoGreens is responsible for the other side of the product, included at 200mg. To add to the rather unique multi-benefit supplement, the brand has also thrown in a gram of coconut water and half a gram of Aquamin minerals to support hydration and performance.

Naughty Boy is planning to launch the Crea-Greens around the middle of next month alongside its other recently revealed addition to the limited edition Summer Vibe Series in Cotton Candy Margarita Menace. The brand was the first to come out with a seasonal supplement or supplements in the Winter Soldier Series, and Crea-Greens is set to continue that creative approach that certainly keeps things fun for fans.