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Wrapped hard candy on the way from SmartSweets with three flavors a bag

Smartsweets Jolly Gems

The soft, smooth, and fairly enjoyable Caramels, isn’t the only all-new, low-sugar treat coming soon from the functional candy company SmartSweets. The brand also has a hard candy product on the way in SmartSweets Jolly Gems, a conveniently resealable bag of individually wrapped hard candy with three different flavors in every 2.5oz pack.

SmartSweets Jolly Gems are made using a completely plant-based formula, including no sugar alcohols or artificial sweeteners, and it is completely naturally flavored. As mentioned, there is a variety of three flavors of hard candy in every bag of Jolly Gems, all sweet and fruity in Green Apple, Peach, and Pink Lemonade.

Smartsweets Jolly Gems

The taste of Jolly Gems is reasonably sweet, not having the strength or fullness of actual candy, but an impressive attempt and incredibly convincing considering there is only a gram of sugar in three candies. The consistency is as hard as you’d expect from a low-sugar treat inspired by hard candy, featuring that signature crunch hard candy is known for.

Like Caramels, SmartSweets Jolly Gems is launching within the next few months, presumably alongside or around the same time as Caramels. The hard candy product is very similar to the brand’s similarly low-sugar lollipops, and while the thickness of Jolly Gems makes it a lot harder to bite through, the level of taste and sweetness is much the same.