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Apollon drops a teaser hinting at the long-awaited launch of Hooligan V6

Apollon Nutrition Potential Hooligan V6

Apollon Nutrition has already had an extremely busy start to the year, dropping several products, including some entirely new supplements such as the packed-out intra-workout Over-The-Top. The hardcore brand’s performance in January, February, and March has been similar to its entire 2021, where it was pumping out products left, right, and center, leading it to win our Brand Of The Year Award.

In April, or potentially May, Apollon Nutrition does not plan to slow anything down, as it’s come out and confirmed the upcoming and very near launch of another supplement. The brand hasn’t shared any key details or description, only the image above. It features Apollon’s signature “A” logo, a stylized shot of its co-founder Rober Samborsky, and a fiery red, crowded background image.

Based on what little clues Apollon Nutrition has provided, we’re guessing the brand has another version of its more balanced and less stimulating pre-workout Hooligan. Another iteration of the pre-workout, or what would be Hooligan V6, was something the brand actually confirmed in the middle of last year, saying the sequel product was moving into production and should be out by December.

Apollon Nutrition’s sixth Hooligan obviously didn’t end up making that late 2021 launch, although as mentioned, it looks like that’s what we’re getting within the next month or so. If another version of Hooligan is what we’re in for, we look forward to seeing what changes the brand has made to go from V5 to V6, especially since the current iteration is already packed full of reliable ingredients.