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Body Science’s side-by-side bar is unique but not overly high in protein

Body Science Leanest Low Carb Protein Bar

Legacy Australian sports nutrition company Body Science has officially released the intriguing and seemingly industry-first protein snack it previewed earlier this week. For those who missed the teaser, the brand announced that it has created the first protein bar with separate side-by-side flavors, now known as the Body Science Leanest Low Carb Protein Bar.

You can see the product in the image above, featuring two separate flavors inside the one bar that are side by side. Typically protein bars are layered, and that is where you get the difference in taste and texture. As mentioned, Body Science is the first we know of to go the other way, and instead of doing separate layers, it has different rows or side-by-side flavors.

The alternative approach should make for an interesting experience, and now that Body Science’s Leanest Low Carb Protein Bar is available, we can confirm its all-important nutrition profile. Despite the name, the product isn’t overly high in protein, packing 7.9 to 9.3g, between 3 to 4g of fat, an impressively low 1.3 to 2.1g of carbohydrates, and just over 100 calories.

Body Science makes its Leanest Low Carb Protein Bar with quality sources of protein in whey isolate, casein, milk, and whey concentrate, but again, it isn’t overly high in protein at under 10g. As we always say, less protein tends to lead to a better taste and texture, although we won’t know until we try its two flavors, Cookies & Cream and Chocolate Berry Ripple.

Leanest Low Carb Protein Bar is now available down under in Australia, including through Body Science’s online store, where you can purchase a box of seven mid-sized bars at a reasonable $17 (12.86 USD).

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