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ProPud Protein Bar’s latest flavor combines chocolate and cookie pieces

Chocolate Biscuit Propud Protein Bar

To go with yesterday’s news of the limited Luxurious Licorice ProPud Milkshake, which, as convincing as it was, did turn out to be an April Fool’s Day prank, NJIE has announced another flavor for a separate ProPud product. There aren’t many different items in the functional brand’s ProPuds series in the Milkshake, Pudding, and the one getting the attention this time around, the ProPud Protein Bar.

Joining NJIE’s already strong list of flavors for the ProPud Protein Bar is Chocolate N’ Biscuit, promising a sweet milk chocolate experience with delicious crispy cookie pieces in the bar itself. It has all of the product’s signature highlights, including a solid 18g of protein per bar with no added sugar, and by the sounds of things, it’s available now, if not then soon, in the brand’s retail partners throughout Sweden.

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