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Enlightened makes new flavors of its Keto Cheesecake with a Greek Yogurt base

Enlightened Greek Yogurt Keto Cheesecake

Not only is Enlightened a reliably delicious functional food company that specializes in the frozen food section, but it is also incredibly creative and has come out with many rather unique products. One of those intriguing items is the brand’s Keto Cheesecake, which puts keto-friendly macros into a sweet, smooth, and flavorful cheesecake with several options on its menu, such as Strawberry, Chocolate, Pumpkin, and Classic.

This week Enlightened is adding another two flavors to its Keto Cheesecake, and that is a significant development, as it’s the first time the brand has added non-limited options to the product. Up until now, the keto-friendly dessert has been available in the same four ongoing flavors it launched in, with the new additions being Original Greek Yogurt and Dark Chocolate Yogurt, featuring an alternative Greek yogurt base instead of cream and milk.

The nutrition profiles of Enlightened’s Greek Yogurt Keto Cheesecakes keep within the same realm as the other flavors, with 5 to 6g of protein in an 80g mini cheesecake, 19 to 21g of net carbohydrates, 11 to 14g of fat, and 190 to 220 calories. The brand is already rolling out the products to supermarkets across the country, or you can buy them straight from its website for as low as $4 per cheesecake when grabbing eight boxes.

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