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Co-founder Chris Flynn goes in-depth about Plasma’s Innovative io technology

Ingredient Optimized Interview

Plasma Nutrition’s innovative Ingredient Optimized technology was first used in Performix’s premium whey isolate protein powder ioWhey, which definitely drew plenty of attention. Plasma’s unique innovation is a process that is applied directly to a specific ingredient, such as whey isolate, and it optimizes it for significantly greater absorption that the company has proven and measured.

We sat down with co-founder Chris Flynn from Plasma Nutrition this week for a Stack3d Podcast interview, where he talked all about Ingredient Optimized technology and answered several questions. If you were at all interested in the technology as someone who uses an io supplement or wants to use one for its improved bioavailability, or you’re a brand wanting to put it in a product, it’s a must-listen.

Chris Flynn goes over the background of Plasma Nutrition, how Ingredient Optimized technology came about, the goal behind it, and how it all works. One of the interesting topics was how the technology is actually applied. Basically, Plasma doesn’t stock bulk io enhanced ingredients; it seamlessly adapts its technology to a manufacturer’s production line, which then optimizes an ingredient as it passes through, making for an incredibly convenient solution.

What the technology does to a specific ingredient, in Chris Flynn’s simple explanation, is it untangles its molecular structure and makes it easier for your body to break down. The eventual result is key clinical study-backed benefits like the claim you see on Performix’s ioWhey, where your body gets as much from 22g of protein from Ingredient Optimized whey isolate as you do 30g from a standard isolate.

Plasma Nutrition’s Ingredient Optimized technology is truly an innovation, and it has grown and found its way into many supplements since debuting in Performix’s protein powder, with brands like Myprotein, Kaged Muscle, and Glaxon putting it to use. You can check out our full interview with Chris Flynn on all of the usual podcast platforms, including Spotify, iTunes, Google, and SoundCloud.

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