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Be Legend combines beni-imo and cream cheese for another one-of-a-kind protein powder

Beni Imo Cheese Tart Be Legend Protein Powder

Japanese supplement company Be Legend has partnered with the famous bakery Pablo, popular for its delicious cheese tart, on a couple of occasions to create authentic collaboration flavors. The first time the two came together was for a Cheese Tart protein powder made using the same cream cheese as Pablo uses, and the second time around, we got a Strawberry Cheese Tart flavor.

On the 8th of next month, Be Legend is partnering with Pablo once again for another variant of that cheese tart protein powder in Beni-imo Cheese Tart. Beni-imo is a purple sweet potato from Okinawa in Japan, with the brand’s Beni-imo Cheese Tart protein powder promising the rich and sweet taste of the alternative potato combined with the familiar flavor of melting cream cheese.

The latest Be Legend and Pablo collaboration certainly sounds like it’ll be another unique experience like the original Cheese Tart and Strawberry Cheese Tart, all while still providing a solid nutrition profile with 20g of protein from whey and 130 calories. Once again, the product will be available for purchase from the retailer Real Style in exactly two weeks on Wednesday, June 8th.

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