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Btein previews a vegan-friendly version of its ashwagandha-infused protein bar

Btein Ashwagandha Plant Protein Bar

We recently introduced Btein, the protein snack company with an ashwagandha twist. The somewhat different functional food brand makes a protein bar that’s infused with ashwagandha known to support things like hormone health, weight management, and stress. Btein doesn’t, unfortunately, list the exact amount of ashwagandha you get in each of its bars, although it is still a fun and intriguing feature.

We’ve got Btein back in the news this week here at Stack3d as details have surfaced about what the brand has coming down the pipeline, and it’s certainly worth sharing if you like the ashwagandha-infused protein bar concept. Btein has previewed a plant-based, vegan-friendly version of its ashwagandha protein bar that won’t rely on milk isolate and whey concentrate to provide its protein like the brand’s first snack.

Btein has not made it clear what sources it’ll be using in its plant-powered protein bar, only that it’ll have 12g of protein, a little less than the original, which has 15g. The nutrition profile will remain reasonable with just one gram of sugar and 195 calories. We’re not sure when exactly Btein plans to drop its vegan-friendly ashwagandha protein bar, but it looks like there will be two flavors in Cookie Dough and Chocolate Fudge.

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